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Before lockdown, how to fill the summer holidays felt like the biggest challenge for parents. Oh how we laughed! Now that we have lived through…

Before lockdown, how to fill the summer holidays felt like the biggest challenge for parents.

Oh how we laughed!

Now that we have lived through the weirdest time of our lives, the prospect of the kids at home for the summer doesn’t seem so bad. Does it?

There’s no home schooling to do. We can leave the house. Attractions, parks and other fun places are starting to reopen (for now). Heck, there’s even some holiday provision available in some format.

It’ll feel like a walk in the park, quite literally.

The truth of the matter is however, that we still have at least 6 weeks to fill. That’s around 42 days.

We’re going to need a plan.

Plans to keep the kids busy in the holidays

I am a prolific planner and list maker.

If it’s not on the plan, it’s not going to happen.

So naturally, when it comes to trying to fill our days, and keep track of where we’re going, a summer holidays planner is a must.

Start by structuring the weeks. Work through the following steps and make a mind map that you can start to put into a plan.

Step 1 – Places to go

This year is slightly different, in that the usual places to visit may not be open. Lots of attractions are reopening with social distancing in place, and of course, the outdoors is free.

Make a list of places that you can visit and plot them out on your planner.

Check out our epic list of parks, walks or nature reserves in Warwickshire (or nearby).


Step 2 – People to see (responsibly)

Again, you’ll need to be sensible with how many people you mix with this summer, and how. As long as you’re sticking to the guidelines however, make a list of people that you want to visit and set about working out when you can see them.

Step 3 – People visiting you

Make sure any visits people are planning to make to you are on the calendar so that you can prepare for them. Remember to buy in hand sanitiser, clear space to allow for social distancing, and adhere to the advice.

Step 4 – Fun things to do

Plans don’t have to be days out or people to visit. Lockdown has taught us that we can be inventive with fun things to do at home. Start following threads with ideas of fun things to do or make at home, and create a Pinterest board to keep track of ideas. Look for crafts, games, upcycling projects or learning new skills.

coronavirus lockdown ideas

Step 5 – Stuff you need to do

Naturally, we’ve had a long time where we’ve not been able to get a lot done. Write down everything that you need to do to catch up. For example, haircuts, dentist visits, buying new school uniform, or jobs around the house that need doing. It’s a lovely feeling to tick all of the life admin off.

Step 6 – Getaways planned

Sadly, most people have had to cancel their summer holidays now. That said, our country is full of amazing places that we all take for granted. If it’s possible, look at self catering accommodation that you may be able to visit and enjoy a staycation at home. Look for holiday cottages, lodges, caravan parks, or ask around if any family or friends have holidays homes they’d be willing to share.

You might even find places to camp or rent not too far from your own doorstep:

Step 7 – Events to go to

Again, these many be minimal this year but events organisers are trying to open with social distancing in place. From outdoor cinemas, picnic parties, fun trails or food markets, look around to look for safe events that you can attend responsibly.

Here are a few local ones we found:

Step 8 – Summer camps or play days

As long as they comply with social distancing, summer childcare provision will be able to run. This means that summer camps, activity days and other lessons may be available in your area. From tennis lessons, to performing arts and multi-sports days, the kids might enjoy a few days out to socialise and learn something new during the summer.

We’ve come across these awesome ones locally:

If you work through this list of ideas, you’ll soon have a long list of ideas of things to do. So download your free planner and start filling it out!

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