Halloween has definitely become a new tradition that divides the nation.

As a child, we had the usual Halloween school discos, and watched films like ‘Hocus Pocus’. That was kind of it though. We didn’t trick or treat or carve pumpkins.

All of a sudden however, the UK has been overtaken by the new craze.

Supermarkets are full of decorations and sweeties, pumpkin patches are everywhere, and most households have some kind of fancy dress going on.

The kids seem to have really bought into the idea of this new festival.

What if you’re still not a fan though?

The big dilemma: trick or treating

Whilst it might seem like a fun thing to do with the kids, for some people, it can be a very intimidating time.

The elderly in particular may not want groups of people knocking on their door in disguise. They especially won’t like the idea of ‘tricks’ being played on them or their property.

It can also be an excuse for some to insight violence and commit criminal activity.

So it’s still something that parents will need to consider carefully before deciding whether to get involved with.

Halloween ideas without trick or treating

If the kids are desperate to have some Halloween fun but you just don’t like the idea of trick or treating, why not just have some fun at home?

Here are some Halloween ideas:

  • Decorate the inside of your house / the kids bedrooms
  • Invite a few friends over and let them have a fancy dress party at home Not appropriate for 2020!
  • Have a spooky themed tea with table decorations and paper plates etc.
  • Make some fun food such as hiding toy spiders in jelly
  • Hide sweets around the house and let them go on a treasure hunt
  • Watch Halloween movies that are age appropriate
  • Make some Halloween crafts
  • Bake and decorate Halloween biscuits or cupcakes
  • Carve your own pumpkins
  • Play games like apple bobbing in the garden
carving pumpkins

If you do want to go out trick or treating however, remember your Halloween etiquette:

  • Always accompany children
  • New for 2020: Don’t approach property – only visit agreed houses with social distancing measures in place
  • Do not knock on doors of strangers – only go to houses you know
  • Only knock on houses with decorations outside
  • Respect people’s property
  • Stick to well-lit areas
  • Remember road safety
  • Never play tricks that are illegal (or cruel)

Stay safe!