Fun superhero activities – #NationalSuperheroDay

28th April is National Superhero Day, and what better way to engage children by creating some fun superhero activities to show them how important role…

28th April is National Superhero Day, and what better way to engage children by creating some fun superhero activities to show them how important role models are.

Each year, since Marvel Comics created the day in 1995, it honours superheroes, both real and fictional.

Whether it’s Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, or another well known superhero, they are great role models for our children. The whole idea is that these individuals serve and protect us while fighting evil.

In real life, our children are surrounded by people who don’t have superpowers or wear capes. These people however, still help to protect them and keep them safe.

Medical staff, police, social workers and teachers are just a few of the heroes who protect children on a daily basis. 

So it’s a day to celebrate the work they do (and have some fun doing it too).

We’ve come up with some fun ideas superhero activities that the kids can do at home with no real special equipment or planning.

Celebrate National Superhero Day

Fun superhero activities for kids

When you say ‘superhero’ to a child, they will automatically think of the caped crusaders of their favourite TV programmes or films.

Naturally, they will look up to these characters. They might need a little education that it’s the ‘everyday’ people around us who really look after us.

For now though, there are lots of fun activities that you can do with your child to capture their imagination.

Recognising our real life heroes

To truly do this day justice though, we need to educate our children about the real life heroes who keep our world turning. In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are lots of ways that we can recognise people who make a difference.

Explain to your child the idea of everyday heroes. These are people who make a difference, perform good deeds, and don’t do it for recognition. Or perhaps survivors and other people who are brave or important to someone.

At the moment, children will be more aware of this idea, so it’s a great time to build on what they are hearing all around them.

  • Get them involved in Clap for Carers if they can last until 8pm bedtime
  • Write about a real hero
  • Write a list of real life heroes they have seen or met
  • Share a photo on social media of someone making a difference and explain why
  • Play with toys that represent real life heroes such as vets, rubbish trucks, fire engines etc.
  • Discuss what characteristics makes a hero
  • Download images and create a collage of people who help us
  • Do some ‘thank you key worker’ colouring sheets and display in your home
  • Read stories about people who help us
  • Dress up as key workers or play games
  • Explain how every role is important even if it might not seem it e.g. shop workers, delivery drivers and cleaners etc.
  • Make a card for someone who has helped with something (this can even be a parent or carer)
  • Have a look online for lots of free worksheets and resources for children that explain the idea of important jobs and people

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate #NationalSuperheroDay, remember to share it with others to spread the word of how many people keep our world turning.