Easy banana pancakes recipe for Pancake Day

The easiest banana pancakes recipe you’ll ever find. When it comes to pancakes, there are really two types that the kids love. Then big flat…

The easiest banana pancakes recipe you’ll ever find.

When it comes to pancakes, there are really two types that the kids love.

Then big flat traditional crepe-style pancakes or the fluffy fatter ones.

Both are a super simple and have their merits.

The difference between pancakes

The traditional pancake is more exciting for kids to watch being prepared, and the icon of Pancake Day.

It’s the one that you can legitimately serve up as an entire meal on Shrove Tuesday, with no guilt. If they want to try to beat last year’s record of how many they can eat, then that’s fine too. It’s only once a year, after all.

Not only does the flipping process makes it more fun, but they can get involved with the preparation too. Older kids can help by chopping fruit to add to pancakes, and younger ones can get messy adding their toppings themselves.

And if it’s too much of a rush to squeeze in after school, no doubt it’s what they will be enjoying at nursery, school or playgroups as part of learning about Shrove Tuesday. So again, no guilt.

But then there’s is a whole other type of pancake for kids to try.

The smaller fatter ones require less preparation, have extra fruit hidden in them, and are naturally sweet, so need very little toppings adding.

They are great for using up bananas that are a bit too squishy to be appetising, and ideal as a toddler snack or for baby-led weaning.

And like the traditional pancake recipe, kids can eat a load of them without any worry about stuffing them with junk.

So here’s our tried and tested family favourite recipe.

banana pancakes recipe

Easy peasy lazy banana pancakes recipe

I originally made this recipe up based on an even easier version of these yoghurt snack pancakes when me daughter turned 1.

The recipe for the pancakes that includes yoghurt is super easy, but I wanted something with even less ingredients and time to prepare. If you can’t even be bothered to reach onto the top shelf and grab the flour, you can even make them without that too.

I even make these with protein powder as a recovery meal when I’ve come back from a run. I wouldn’t recommend giving that to kids though. Keep that as your own post-exercise recovery treat.

So, 2 (or 3) ingredients that can be adapted to suit the whole family. What could be easier?

Easy banana pancakes recipe

The recipe made 6 pancakes.


  • 2 bananas on the softer side
  • 1 egg
  • Half a cup of self raising flour (optional)


  • Mash up the bananas in a bowl.
  • Add an egg and mix in.
  • Add the flour to thicken the mixture if using.
banana pancakes

Mix mashed banana with a few lumps, the egg and flour together in a bowl

  • Heat a pan and add some butter or oil (1 teaspoon of coconut oil) on a medium heat.
  • Add a spoonful of the mixture to the pan, flipping using a flat cooking utensil when it looks like the side is cooked.
banana pancakes

Spoon the mixture into a pre-heated oiled pan

  • Once both sides are cooked but not burning, remove from heat and leave to cool slightly before cutting into bitesized pieces of strips if easier to handle for baby-led weaning.
banana pancakes recipe

Cook both sides until the mixture sets

  • Add a little honey (optional) and your toddler’s favourite fruit such as blueberries. Add a dollop of natural yoghurt too.


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