Weekly baby groups and toddler classes in Warwickshire

If you’re looking for weekly baby groups and classes in Warwickshire then this is the place to find them.

Being a parent can be lonely for both you and your baby, so getting out and about can do everyone the world of good.

You might be a new parent or have moved house and are new to an area. Whatever your set up is, groups and classes are a great way to make friends, find support if you are having a bad day, or even find more stuff to do.

You may even be looking to just have a moan to other people who are in the same boat as you, and have a cuppa (that someone else has made for you). That’s absolutely fine too! Parenthood is hard, but chatting to someone else who gets where you are coming from can give you a massive lift.

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Baby and toddler groups are also brilliant for your child to help them develop their social skills and interact with other kids. This is especially useful if your child doesn’t already attend a nursery setting.

You’ll find that a lot of groups offer baby and sensory areas, role play toys, fancy dress and craft activities. Furthermore, there is a typically a story or nursery rhyme section where you and your child can join in with a sing-song. It’s actually amazing how many you’ll have forgotten over the years, and also how many extra verses to the old classics there actually are.

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As well as our Facebook page, we also run an online group for families where you can interact with other people, ask questions, and find out what’s going on.

Use this page to help you find baby groups and toddler classes for little ones in Warwickshire.

From church playgroups to termly-booked classes, we’ve researched lots of baby groups and toddler classes to help you keep the little ones busy. Click each day in the gallery below to see a list of regular parent and child classes for that day.

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There is also a full list of weekly baby groups and toddler classes that you can look at if you’re prefer to see everything in one place.

If you run a group that you would like to be included, please get in touch and we will add you to the list.

You can also find out about events and groups on the Warwickshire Kids Facebook page.

Please check ahead that the groups and classes are running before making any journeys.