With the disruption to summer holidays likely due to COVID-19, hopes of beach days in warmer climes might be off the cards for 2020.

‘Staycations’ might be the popular choice for families this year, as will making the most of the great British summer. So with dreams of sunny beach resorts fading away, UK sides, camping, and garden play might be more realistic.

Now let’s not be too glum. It’s about making memories with loved ones that counts after all?

After all, we have already seen an unseasonable heatwave during April and May, and June so far. Thank goodness too! Can you imagine how much harder lockdown would have been without a little sunshine?

However, there’s no guarantee for the summer holidays. Little ones might need a bit of extra warmth when playing outside or in water. More importantly, they will definitely still need UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

It’s time to reassess your kids swimwear essentials.

Splash About swimwear range

Children’s swimwear specialist Splash About has a brilliant range of supple neoprene wetsuits to keep your baby warmer and happier in the water.

Kids swimwear wetsuit

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit has an inbuilt swim-school approved swim nappy. In other words, it’s perfect for ‘accidents’. In addition, as they grow, the practical open flat BabyWrap will keep toddler warm in cooler pools,

For older children, the Shorty Wetsuit is ideal for splash parks or UK beach holidays. It’s ideal for when the weather can be changeable.

Kids swimwear for UK days

For everything else, the award-winning UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit can be worn all year round. Above all, it offers protection from harmful UV rays when the sun does make an appearance.

Splash About’s wetsuit range is suitable from birth to 6 years in a range of beautiful designs.

Check out the award-winning children’s swimwear from Splash About.

Splash About UV suit