Halloween fun and mischievous games

Something spooky appears to be going on with today’s blog, and I have a feeling that it’s to do with the certain cheeky character who may look familiar. 

Max from MAOAM is the face that you’ll see on the bags of those moreish chewy sweeties.  You know the ones; the sweets ‘for your kids’ that you snaffle from their party bags when they’re not looking. 

Max is full of mischief and games, and with the spooky weekend coming up, he’s cleared his diary to share some Halloween fun ideas to do with the kids. 

Here are Max’s Halloween fun ideas…

Boo! Did I scare you? Hi! My name’s Max! From MAOAM HQ. Since it’s my favourite spooky season, Halloween, I’m spreading mischief right here at Warwickshire Kids! 

Anybody like games? Good! Me too! I’m here to give you some hilarious and spooky games to play during Halloween this year…

Maoam Halloween

Eyeball (Pinball) dig

You will need

  • Large bowl
  • Blindfold (alternatively you can use scarves or strips of dark fabric)
  • Cooked and cooled spaghetti 
  • Jelly
  • Corn kernels or chopped nuts
  • MAOAM Pinball sweets
  1. Prepare a large bowl of spaghetti and let cool.
  2. Combine with jelly to make some gooey monster brains! 
  3. Add corn kernels (monster teeth) and other ghoulish additions until fully combined.
  4. Task your blindfolded players to sift through and find the monster eyeballs (Pinballs). They get to gobble up the ones they find (if they dare).

*Max’s top tip* – To make this even more fun, make up spooky stories about all the different ingredients in your (un)lucky dip…

Slime Lab

This one requires a little effort, but will make you feel like your very own Doctor Frankenstein. Turn your kitchen table into a monster slime lab, mwah hah hah! 

You will need

  • 100ml PVA white glue (children’s craft glue or CE marked glue)
  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • gel food colouring
  • 1 tsp contact lens cleaning solution (avoid just using saline solution)
  • Glitter (optional but looks extra cool!)
  1. Squeeze the glue into a mixing bowl. Add the bicarbonate of soda and mix well.
  2. Add a drop or two of your chosen gel food colouring. Maybe you’ll go for a brilliant bright green (the BEST colour in my humble opinion). Remember that less colouring will create a more pastel colour, but the fun is in experimenting! Mix until well incorporated.
  3. Add the contact lens solution and mix. The slime will begin to form, going stringy before coming away clean from the bowl into a ball.
  4. Once it has formed, take it out and knead it with your hands. It’s so squidgy! It will be sticky at first but after about 30 seconds you’ll have a smooth ball of slime,
  5. This is where you can get creative and even add glitter! Just sprinkle on and work in with your hands. Then you can admire your nightmarish creation! You can keep your slime fresh in a pot or tub with a lid. 

Mummy sack race

This can be a fun two-parter!

You will need

  • LOTS of toilet roll, crepe paper strips 
  • A space big enough for a mini race 
  1. Split up into teams of two (one to be a mummy and the other, a helper). Set a timer, and against the clock, wrap the mummy up in enough toilet roll or crepe paper to transform them! The fastest or best wrapped team win a prize.  
  2. Once everyone is transformed, line everyone up somewhere like the garden or a wide-open space and challenge everyone to a mummy sack race. This involves hopping towards the finish line, and the first to finish without any rips is the winner! 
  3. Afterwards, swap roles to let the other person in the team be the mummy.

Pin the spider to the web

This one is a simple classic with a Halloween twist! 

You will need

  • You can download the pin the spider on the web printable here, or create your own as follows.
  • Large piece of white paper or card (A3-A2)
  • Sticky tape or blue tac 
  • Black marker pen
  • Smaller card (A4) for spiders
  • Felt tips for drawing your spiders
  • Scissors to cut out
  1. Pin up your large piece of card and trace out a huge spider’s web with a thick felt tip (you might want to watch a video on YouTube for this). 
  2. Either draw out a number of creepy spiders or print and cut out an identical set.
  3. Get your guests to take turns to be blindfolded, and spin them around once before asking them to stick their spider onto the centre of the web!

Pumpkin Balloon Pinata 

You will need

  • Balloons
  • MAOAM sweets
  1. Fill pumpkin or Jack O’Lantern style balloons (or draw DIY black marker pen faces on plain orange coloured balloons) with a variety of MAOAM sweets and a good puff of air. 
  2. Hand them around to be popped open for a fun surprise! 

MAOAM Treat hunt 

You will need

  • MAOAM treats – a variety pack like Party Mixx or MaoMixx is the most fun! 
  • Spooky Halloween decorations 
  1. Place your MOAM treats around the house, making sure you hide them (but not too well!) amongst your scary decorations. 
  2. Create clues or a treasure map to help to find the treats. 

Here’s a whole guide to making your very own spooky treasure hunt.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to plan some of your own Halloween fun! Remember, there’s lots more where that came from on the MAOAM hub if you want to get creative this Halloween. 

Don’t forget to share your own creations with me at MAOAM on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I’d love to see them! 

Happy Halloween! 



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