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free events for kids in Warwickshire

Find free activities for kids

It may have been a few years since you’ve visited, but if you have kids then libraries are an absolute must!

Warwickshire is full of amazing libraries with weekly events especially for the kids. Whether it’s stories, nursery rhymes, coding or Lego that they are into, there’s something for all ages.

So if you are looking for what’s on for children in Warwickshire, your nearest library is definitely a good place to look.

Freebies from Warwickshire Libraries

Apart from tonnes of books for all ages and interests, events for children are typically free, or at least very cheap. We all know how keeping the kids busy can start to add up! Even better, weekly classes tend to run during term-time, but some groups and special events also run throughout school holidays.

Above all, you don’t need to be a member of a library to take part either. If you do want to join a library for your children up however, that’s also free too.

Once they are members, there are a whole load of resources for children. Children can borrow up to ten books at one time, CDs, audio books, games and DVDs for instance. They can also request and reserve books for free, and keep them for out longer than adults.

Free weekly activities for under 5s

As big fans of the weekly activities at our local library, we therefore wanted to help you find your nearest.

Here’s our handy guide for you to find your nearest libraries, events for under 5s, and how to join up.

  • BABY RHYME TIME – Songs and rhymes for newborn and young babies with their parents and carers. Therefore, ideal for babies not yet moving around.
  • RHYME TIME – Songs and rhymes for 0 to 2-year-olds and parents and carers. In other words, toddlers.
  • STORY STOMP – Fun for 2 to 4-year-olds and their parents and carers, following on from Rhyme Time.


Rhyme Time 0-2 years
Lillington Library 10.30-11am

Story Stomp 2-4 years
Warwick Library 9.30-10am
Rugby Library 11-11.30am


Rhyme Time 0-2 years
Atherstone Library 10-10.30am, 11-11.30am
Shipston Library 10.45- 11.15am
Bedworth Library 11-11.30am
Coleshill Library 11-11.30am
Polesworth Library 11-11.30am
Southam Library 11-11.30am
Stratford-upon-Avon Library 11-11.30am

Story Stomp 2-4 years
Bedworth Library 10-10.30am
Kenilworth Library 10-10.30am
Leamington Spa Library 10-11am


Baby Rhyme Time (non-walkers)
Stratford-upon-Avon 11-11.30am

Rhyme Time 0-2 years
Rugby Library 9.30-10am, 11am-11.30am
Stockingford Library 10-11am
Alcester Library 10.30-11am
Kenilworth Library 11-11.30am
Wolston Library 2.30-3pm

Story Stomp 2-4 years
Atherstone Library 10-10.30am
Wellesbourne Library 11-11.30am


Rhyme Time 0-2 years
Warwick Library 9-10am, 11-11.30am
Nuneaton Library 11- 11.30am

Story Stomp 2-4 years
Nuneaton Library 9.45-10.15am
Polesworth Library 10-10.30am
Lillington Library 10.30-11am
Shipston Library 11.30am-12 noon


Baby Rhyme Time (non-walkers)
Atherstone Library 10-10.30am

Rhyme Time 0-2 years
Wellesbourne Library 10-10.30am
Leamington Spa Library 10.30-11am
Whitnash Library 11.15-11.45am

Story Stomp 2-4 years
Alcester Library 10.30-11am
Coleshill Library 11-11.30am
Southam Library 11-11.30am
Stratford upon Avon Library 11-11.30am

There are also events for older children including Chatterbooks (8-11yr), Lego Club, Code Club (9-11yr) and Book Magic.

In addition, you can enjoy one-off events at Warwickshire Libraries.

Find your nearest library.

Free library activities in Warwickshire

Find out more about Warwickshire Libraries.


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