The new year and new decade has arrived.

Your social media feeds will be full of 10 Year Challenge posts. Some of which will make you feel really old.

And if that’s not enough to remind you of your age, if you remember the turn of the century, you’ll be trying to work out where the last 20 years have gone.

It’s a fact of life that as we get older, time seems to tick by faster and faster each year.

Throw children into the mix, and you’ll feel as though it’s been five minutes since last New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year 2020

The reason? As modern parents, we feel pulled in every direction to keep everyone happy.

Organising and caring for kids is a full time job in itself. Anything on top of that explains why the weeks just disappear. Not to mention parent guilt and trying to cram family time in too.

Don’t worry though, we have the answer.

Make memories that last a lifetime

Family days out and adventures with the children are, for most parents, what weekends and holidays are about.

Exploring new places or activities and making memories are what help to shape a child’s upbringing. It goes without saying therefore, that family times are what they that they will remember the most.

They are often what we forget to do though, and can be expensive.

Well, perhaps not.

Planning made easy

The key to winning at any kind of parenting task is to break it down.

Things don’t seem quite so daunting if you’re taking baby steps and get a loose plan together.

So how do you fancy some help in planning your year?

This is something I came up with when expecting my second child. I was so worried that in the blur of newborn days, my eldest who was 3 at the time, would miss out on the fun times we’d always shared together. It’s also easy to forget your own name as a new parent, so planning to go to new places is often virtually impossible.

12-month memory planner

I created a 12-month planner of 3-4 manageable things to look forward to each month and ticked them off as we went.

Each month might include visiting a new park or attraction, learning a new craft, an annual tradition, an experiment, or simply just coming up with a fun new idea. For example, go for a picnic, have a tea party, do a treasure hunt, or make a pom pom creature.

The best part is that they were things to do with the kids that were easy and could be adapted to suit the budget.

In planning your year you:

  • Alleviate your own worries about forgetting to focus on spending quality time together
  • Create a lovely plan of new activities that the kids will love to tick off
  • Won’t be having to think up ideas for family time last minute
  • Produce a lasting keepsake of the year you had together, so there will be no confusion in what you’ve been up to

This will be our 3rd year of planning our family times, and I can honestly say that having my planner printed and hanging on the fridge door is a lifesaver.

So here’s the thing… I’m sharing my planner with you this year.

Simply sign up below to receive a 2020 planner that you can use to plan your family time.

Year long family plan for 2020

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If you need some inspiration for what to add, here are a few ideas:

  • Go on a winter walk
  • Have a superhero tea party
  • Have a movie night
  • Make thank you cards
  • Collect leaves and make a nature picture
  • Find a new park
  • Go swimming outdoors
  • Camp in the garden
  • Make a movie with teddies
  • Put on fancy dress and take funny pictures
  • So painting and frame it
  • Go to a theme park
  • Go ice skating
  • Watch a live sports game
  • Make salt dough
  • Go to the cinema
  • Visit a relative
  • Have a day out at the seaside

The world is quite literally your oyster. And remember, there’s nothing more demoralising than a not being able to tick anything off a list. Keep it achievable.

We really hope that it helps you to make 2020 a year that everyone will remember.