Do you ever wake up mid-dream, not able to remember the details, but know that you’ve missed out on the ending of a really awesome experience?

I can still vividly remember a childhood dream of a GIANT bag of pick’n’mix just ready for me to devour. Literally the stuff of dreams. Unfortunately, I woke up and never got to taste the sugary goodness.


What I needed was something to catch those dreams and turn them into reality.

The history of dream catchers

The inventors of the dream catchers must have had the very same dream about jelly sweets and come to the same conclusion.

Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t pick’n’mix, that they were worried about, but the thought was there.

According to my Google search, the Ojibwe clans (and later, Native American artists) made dreamcatchers from willow, sinew, feathers and beads. The idea was that good dreams would float through the spider web design, and down onto the sleeping children below. Bad dreams would get caught, only to disappear with the first rays of light in the morning.

Nice idea, right?


Dreamcatchers for any decor

Typically, dream catchers are very natural and earthy in colour, or the other end of the spectrum; overtly pink and fluffy.

So what if you want a dreamcatcher to suit a different colour scheme? Say, that of a ‘boys’ room?

Then you follow my tutorial below to make your own.

Really easy DIY dreamcatchers

This tutorial is a simple craft activity that you can do with little or no special equipment. It’s also a great one to do because it doesn’t need to be too neat or perfect. Ideal for me and my perfectionist mind!

What you’ll need

  • A wooden or metal hoop (available online or from a craft shop)
  • Wool, thread or string
  • Ribbons
  • Feathers
  • Beads
  • Glue gun or tape

How to make

  1. Take your hoop and wrap ribbon or wool around it. Secure it with tape or a glue.
  2. Tie one end of your wool or string, and wind it around the outside of the hoop, moving it as you go to form a spiders web design. Remember that it doesn’t need to be too neat. Secure the other end of the wool.
  3. Cut bits of wool, string or ribbons to different lengths and tie onto the bottom end of the hoop in a mixed up order.
  4. Add beads and feathers to decorate as you choose.
  5. You can also add pom poms, artificial flowers, butterflies or foam letters to the hoop to add extra features.
easy dreamcatchers craft