With the UK in lockdown, parents will have been wondering when it will be safe for children to go back to school.

The latest advice from the Prime Minister is that schools in England can reopen initially for early years, reception, year 1 and year 6 children with social distancing in place.

Of course, we are all aware that it won’t be a full return to normal, but schools are trying to prepare as best they can to reopen safely.

One thing that will looks likely to resume in one way or another though is the school uniform.

Getting back to school ready

For most parents, ‘back to school’ happens in the summer holidays. That’s when feet are remeasured and scruffy uniform is replenished to accommodate for growth spurts.

Back to school

Since the government imposed a UK lockdown because of Covid-19 however, those ‘endless’ summer holidays now feel like a minor concern.

Juggling lockdown birthday parties, jobs, homeschool and domestic chores, have been another level. Six weeks don’t seem to back now, eh?

Nonetheless, whether it’s to go back to school now, or in September, the school uniform will need a bit of a review.

Firstly, the kids have been eating the entire contents of the fridge every half an hour, so will probably have grown.

Secondly, with a season change, winter uniforms might not be appropriate for the summer term.

And thirdly, everything will need labelling to adhere to social distancing guidelines and make sure nothing becomes mixed up.

So the chances are that at some point, you will be facing the prospect of relabelling a whole load of new uniform.

Labelling clothing

The process of labelling children’s clothes for school or hobbies is a real labour of love. Clearly, we actually mean a pain in the backside.

Between skirts or dresses, trousers, tops, jumpers, cardigans, PE kits, shoes, pumps, bags, coats, lunchboxes, stationery and more, it’s a lot of labels.

In our experience, stick, sew and iron-on labels have never been particularly long lasting, and have a habit of peeling off. Plus, they take ages to attach.

So what’s the alternative?

Stamptastic name stamp

The Stamptastic name stamp is an a really simple idea, and one that makes the process of labelling kids clothes a piece of cake.

You simply order a stamp, personalise it with a child’s name, add a stamp pad, and wait for delivery.

Back to school labelling

Each stamp costs £10 and can be customised to with either 1 line or 2 lines of text. When you order it online, you can see a preview of how the stamp will look, so you can be confident of the end result. If it’s a short name, or your child would benefit from a visual reference, you can add an icon too.

The design of the transparent block, means that you can easily position the label to make sure the printed name is as clear as possible.

With the Stamptastic stamp pad for £12 it’s also been tested to be usable on most fabrics, metal, wood and some some plastics. So you can pretty much stamp names onto everything.

Back to school clothes labelling

They actually have a whole load of other stamps to help you home school, or for new ventures in lockdown. For example, you can create logos or labels for handmade items to brand your products.